If you are a Signum University student or donor, you are likely very passionate about the content we teach. In case you can't get enough of SU programming, here are some extras! 

Student-led discussion groups, particularly for auditors but open to students at all levels plus members of the Grey and White Circle, can be whatever you desire. This is your space! Would you like to host or attend a Google Hangout reading group outside of the formal preceptor structure of our MA program? Would you like to spend more time on a work than the formal class structure allows, or meet at non-standard hours? We encourage you to take ownership and use this space for supplemental reading/discussion groups.

Mythgard Academy Discussions, meanwhile, are open to all who have donated in support of our various programs. If you are in any donor Circle at all and like to listen to our latest MythAc offerings, you belong here. Frequent MythAc lecturer Corey Olsen loves to take your questions by chat and e-mail, but for in-depth discussion with other listeners we give you this dedicated space. Mythgard Academy Discussion: for when the bouncing popup chat room on the website is just not enough! Enjoy, and thank you again for your support.